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Results with Celluma Light Therapy

Celluma light therapy improves cellular heath to reduce signs of aging, relieve pain and eliminates acne.

Bruise after one 30 minute Celluma treatment

Bruise after one 30 minute Celluma treatment

Arm bruise 20 hours after 1 Celluma treatment

Results That Speak For Themselves

I have been using my Celluma as a recovery for my legs after each 5-hour shift during the Race Across America! I cover both of my quads and do 30 minutes of light therapy. I then do 30 minutes of light therapy on my hamstrings. By that time I am usually asleep… I also have been using the Celluma as a warm up for my legs, 30 minutes of light therapy for my quads is a great warm up before getting on the bike and is a very good way get ready to go right into a hard workout. Also, I have started to use the Celluma for my aches and pains on sore shoulder that has been bothering me for many years. I began to use the light therapy to treat it and I am seeing some pain relief right away. I truly have become a fan of the Celluma and use it almost daily. Thanks again for this awesome Celluma!

I love my Celluma! I ordered my LED therapy panel after a severe injury left me bed-ridden for months. I’ve noticed an increase in my progress and pain management since using it. I’ve been using it on my face as well. It always puts me in the deepest, calmest trance.

I used the Celluma during my recovery from a total shoulder replacement. After one year, I have recovered a greater than expected range of motion, AND, the surgery scar has virtually disappeared where the Celluma was directly applied.

As a preventative measure my doctor annually prescribes a topical medication to treat actinic keratosis. It is extremely harsh and creates red lesions all over my face. Eventually the lesions peel off revealing new skin which is also red, raw, and very sensitive. The healing process can take up to four weeks, or even longer, and during this time I leave the house minimally. However this year, for the first time, I used the Celluma and noticed a significant decrease in the time it took for my face to heal. It's hard to quanitify exactly, but my guess is that I healed about 40% quicker than usual!! Being comfortable out in public and able to resume my normal life so much faster - is priceless!!!

Following bi-lateral facial surgery, I decided to use the Ceulluma on one side of my face only. My plastic surgeon suggested the right side as it was visibly more swollen and angry. Ten weeks post surgery, my right ear has healed much faster and is now completly healed. My left ear, without the use of Celluma, is still very bruised and swollen.

In the eight months that I've been using the Celluma my life has become more enjoyable. My combat injuries, pain, discomforts and surgeries that I've been dealing with over the years have become more manageable. I've also been able to postpone additional surgeries, because along with other treatments, the Celluma has stimulated a comfortable healing process that has assisted me to live a more painless life. Thank you again for introducing me to the Celluma Pad. Strength and Honor.

I had the chance to do a trial with the Celluma, and it worked so well for us, I am buying two – one for home, and one for my daughter with severe acne who goes to school out of state (she was home during our trial period, so we tried it on her). My husband used it on a sore knee and insists it feels better; he also used it on some scars on his arm along with CherlyLee MD TrueLipids Cream (chronic ones that just recently began healing up, not old ones he had had since he was little), and the scars have gotten much better. Not sure if it was the lights or the TrueLipids, but the scars do look better. My mom also tried the Celluma on her hands and shoulders for very bad arthritis and she feels like it really made a difference. My daughter has been on oral medication for severe, scarring acne for a good ten years, and finally decided she didn't want to keep putting that in to her body. She was only able to try the Celluma a couple of times, but when she did, her face was noticeably better the next day. I really think that if she uses it regularly, it will make a huge difference for her, and it will be easier than getting her to the derm every other week for treatment. I am excited to get these and start using them and see what they can do.

I am so impressed with the results from just two times I used Celluma. I used it the same day for 30mins each time back to back! I had been experiencing mild low back left side pain for weeks as a result of 2-4 hours of daily driving I do, but I am happy to say that it’s now been 5 days and the pain is gone! I tried other devices such as PEMF and Ionic Therapy the week prior to trying Celluma and the pain went away for a couple hours after the use of each device only to return later the same day... I am looking forward to continue to explore the benefits Celluma on my body. Thank you Celluma!

Since incorporating Celluma into my cosmetic surgery practice, my patients have enjoyed significant reduction in inflammation and bruising as a result of using the Celluma post operatively. Personally, I use it regularly, and swear by it, for pain relief for an old back injury.

Celluma light therapy improves cellular heath to reduce signs of aging, relieve pain and eliminates acne.